All about Radio Control vehicle wheels

Hi and welcome back! If you have a remote control vehicle or if you are considering buying one, you may need  information about different types of wheels. Do you want


Types of radio control cars

Hi and welcome back! In previous posts, we explained the differences between the types of rc cars. Do you dare to know more about the types of radio control cars?


Surfaces to run on

Hi and welcome back! If you have a radio controlled car, or if you are thinking of buying one, you probably need information about the surfaces you can run on.


Radio control car scales

Hi and welcome back! If you usually look at radio controlled cars or you are interested in them, you have surely seen numbers accompanying the model names. Those numbers refer


Types of batteries for RC vehicles

Hi and welcome back! Recently, we explained everything you need to know about the electric RC engine. Do you want to know what types of batteries exist for these vehicles?


All about electric radio control motor

Hi and welcome back! There are many components to consider when maintaining and upgrading your RC car. One of the most important parts is the engine. Do you want to

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